FILMS 2013

Design ah

Design ah

Category: Animation Films
Director: NHK .
Language: Japanese (No Dialogue)
Country: Japan
Year: 2013
Duration: 15 mins

Short Description:

Design is about grasping the nature of things and creatively coming up with ways to make things easier to use, more attractive, and more conducive to a comfortable life. It’s a process of observing, thinking, and creating, and it enables people to interact in better ways with the things around them and with other people. “Design Ah!” shows kids why design is fascinating and fun. In every edition, top-flight designers use unique pictures and music to enable kids to see everyday things and the ways people behave from the perspective of design. The show makes kids aware of the role played by design and of how design can be used to make life better. It also helps kids to see things from diverse viewpoints, discern the nature of things, and be creative.

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