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FUNN signs up two of their start students on internships in the UAE or abroad twice a year; during Spring break and summer break.

Internship programs or summer jobs are intended for university and college students who are interested in implementing their knowledge and skills in real work environment. We offer a variety of positions which are related to several majors such as business, media, graphic design and education. If you are interested in becoming an intern at FUNN, please send your CV and preferred specialty to


FUNN aims to establish a leading media arts education organization that cultivates a long-term impact in new media and arts education by organizing media events, and by educating children and young people in the Media Arts in Sharjah and the UAE. It is more than doing a job, it is about serving the public and giving opportunities in new media, digital art and film; and act as nucleus to promote interest and excellence among children and young people in the UAE. FUNN promotes new media work and films made by children and youth in the UAE, in other international film festivals and conferences. Form a network of talented youth and call  us to find yourself in the variety of media fields.

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